Concrete Repair & Restoration

Concrete Resurfacing

grindingConcrete resurfacing is the process used to repair or restore the surface of concrete to a like new, or better than new, finish. The resurfacing process includes both joint and crack repair, followed by a sealer or appropriate coating system.

Joint Repair

jointrepairSaw-cut (control) joints in concrete slabs should be filled with flexible epoxy or polyurea joint filler to protect joint edges from the impact and shock of heavy loads in high traffic areas. The elasticity of the joint filler allows for normal, lateral joint movement. However, when the edges of control joints have eroded over time and use and/or the joint filler has cracked and separated, the joint filler must be removed, the joint cleaned, ground, and then filled with new, industrial type joint filler.

Crack Bridging

crackbridging.jpgSurfaces with “active” cracks should receive a crack bridging membrane that allows for flexible movement. The crack must be routed using a scabbler, before filling with a flexible sealant. Typical crack bridging membranes consist of fast-cure, semi-flexible, self-leveling, 100% solids, two-part polyurea joint filler that will function well in high traffic and impact areas. After the crack is routed and filled with a compatible sealant, a coating system may be applied.

Concrete Sealing

concrete-sealerConcrete sealers are used to protect and maintain concrete by closing up the pores in the concrete to yield a more durable surface that offers improved resistance to water, de-icing salts, and other aggressive chemicals. Sealers are often used to prevent soiling, resist staining, facilitate the ease of cleaning, brighten concrete colors and exposed aggregates, and produce a water-resistant surface. In addition, sealers are used to “dustproof” concrete surfaces to prevent dusting or chalking (formation of loose powder resulting from the disintegration of the concrete surface).



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